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Postby witchy on Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:44 am

Sence the flood my brother and his family including there very big lab/something dog Lotti have moved in with us. My brother decided to take my little guy for a ride on our pond in the kyack. I asked him shouldnt we put Lotti on the deck so he wont try to jump in the boat with you? No says Mooch hed never do anything like that...... so as they got to the center of the pond and i couldnt reach them anymore without swimming....and i cant swim lotti decideds he wants to go for a ride with his daddy and swims out to the kyack, and even after much yelling and a few paddle wacks he ends up in the boat on calebs lap.. he and caleb think its great and they are lookin pretty cozy, while my brother and I are franticly trying to get the dog off the baby without tipping over the boat. all ended up well we fially got lotti on the deck to go for his own ride later and caleb very much enjoyed his kyack ride.
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